Terms and conditions for commissions

1. Products Or Services Provided

Commissions are a time limited service provided by Black Raven Gallery in Vindeln, Sweden. The service is only available under April 2020 (from March 31 to April 30 2020).

Commissions are for the following artworks: 

Photo editing

Digital art/illustration

Paintings in Acrylic or pencil

Jewlery, steel or/and stone (these are limited to 10 h works)

Small furniture or décor (With wood and/or rusted steel. Examples of projects: footstool, side and end tables, shelves, jewlery stands etc.) The object need to fit into a normal sized moving box which is approximately 50x30x40 cm. Some projects may be able to move in parts.

The commissions are a valid purchase only when the customer approves a quotation received after sending a commission request via the website: https://www.blackravengallery.com/comission

2. Prices And Payment

Price for commissions are 200 SEK/hour, material costs are not included in the price if not specified in the quotation.  VAT is included in the price.

The price listed in the quotation received for any commissions made during April 2020 remains valid for a 30 day period only.

Shipping costs may vary depending on where the item is to be shipped and are NOT included in the hourly rate. The shipping cost for your specific commission will be available in the quotation received after a request is made.

20 % of a payment for any commissions shall be made upon approval of quotation and the rest (80%) when the item is finished, before shipping. If the payment is not received in full prior to shipping the customer have 14 days to make payment before the item is listed for sale on Black Raven Gallerys website.  The 20 % payment already made to Black Raven Gallery for the commission is none refundable.

3. Shipping And Delivery

Shipping Policy

Commissions smaller than 30 x 40 x 30 cm are available for shipping worldwide as long as the shipping destination will be able to accept the item. If the destination is not available to ship to during the time stated in the quotation the shipment may be delivered at a later date.

Commissions with a Swedish delivery address does not have any additional size constrains.

Black Raven Gallery will not guarantee any delivery timeframe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Shipping is handled by third parties and the responsibility they take may vary. Black Raven Gallery do not guarantee that the shipping handling will not make any damage to the commissioned item but take preventive measures to minimize the risk involved with shipping.


Delivery Timeframes

Delivery timeframe varies on each commission and will be stated in the quotation. Some commissions take longer to produce and this will affect the delivery timeframe. If the commissioned item is to be received digital the delivery timeframe is at an maximum of three weeks after approved quotation.

If the delivery is delayed for any reason that cannot be prevented such as illness or government restrictions the customer will be informed and will at that point be able to cancel the commission with full refund.

4. Guarantees And Warranties

The commissions that is works of art will include a certificate of authenticity.

All commissions that are not digital have a six months guarantee from the date the quotation is approved for none negligent damage or material malfunction. If the item is damaged in a none negligent way or the material is malfunctioning during this time the customer has the right to get the item repaired. Shipping cost for repairs are not included in the guarantee.  

5. Returns, Refunds And Complaints

Returns And Refunds Policy

As every commission is custom made and specific for that customer there can be no refunds at the completion of an item. Refunds must be notified 24 hours after an approved quotation.

Complaints Procedure

Complaints should be sent to contact@blackravengallery.com and include the following information: What item it is regarding, what state the item is in. If there is any damage to the item received it should include a photo of said damage and a specific description of the damage and how it was made. Complaints submitted due to defects can only be entered within a 14 day timeframe from the date the item was received.

6. Limitation Of Liability

Liability is limited to direct damages (those damages that could not be avoided by breaching the contract) and Black Raven Gallery will not be liable for any indirect damages that may occur. Nor will Black Raven Gallery be liable for any damage made in a negligent manner by the customer.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

Black Raven Gallery have full ownership over all intellectual property. The commissions may be shared with a note of credit but they may not be altered or reproduced.

8. Future Changes

The customer is fully liable to keep up to date if this document of terms and conditions in the future need to be changed because of changes in Black Raven Gallery’s business, or due to changes in governing law.

9. Governing Law

This Terms and conditions applicable laws is governed in accordance with the laws of Sweden.

10. GDPR

1 Contact person

Contact person for matters related to the file: Rebecka Jonasson, owner of

Black Raven Gallery

Address: Järnvägsallén 6, 92232 Vindeln, Sweden

Telephone: +46 70 521 70 01

E-mail: contact@blackravengallery.com

2. Black Raven Gallery stores personal data in the extent needed to complete the arranged service and to fulfill the governed laws according to the laws of Sweden.

3. Data content of the file (categories of personal data processed)

As a general rule, the file contains the following personal data on all data subjects:

A.    basic information and contact information for the person: first name, last name, address, telephone number, e-mail address;

B.    information related to the person’s company or other organisation and the person’s position or title in the company or organisation in question;

4. Regular sources of information

Personal data are collected from the data subjects themselves.

In addition to this, personal data are collected within the framework needed to be able to fulfill Swedish law.

5. Storage period of personal data

Personal data collected in the file are stored only for as long and to the extent that is necessary in

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92232 Vindeln


150 m till Vindelns resecentrum


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