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Biotat Numbing Green Soap Concentrate 500ml

Biotat Numbing Green Soap Concentrate - Numb and clean the area whilst you work. This concentrated formulation requires diluting with water. Using only natural products you can now harness the powerful qualities of Clove Oil, Honey and Lavender to numb the area, reduce redness & inflammation & easily clean off  the excess ink.

We have used a responsible ethos in the entire process of Biotat. Using ethical ingredients where possible. Even our labels are printed on recycled, degradable and "tree free" stock.

Key features: - 500ml bottle - Reduces pain and inflammation - Natural anesthetic - Contains honey, lavender and clove - Cruelty free - Lidocaine free - Colourant free - Made in the UK

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Dilute 1 part Biotat to 4 parts water. Shake well and apply as required. For maximum effect use with Biotat Numbing Tattoo Glide.

CONTAINS: Syzygium Aromaticum (Clove) Oil,  Glycerol, Honey, Organix Soap, Lavender, Demineralised Water.

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