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Believa - Professional Butter

Tattoo-Professional Butter has been specially developed for use before, during and after getting a tattoo. It can be helpfull in preventing itching, skin redness and scabs from forming. It also helps retain the colour of your tattoo. It can further be used as an aftercare product.

OPTIMIZING THE WORKING PROCESS: Believa Tattoo Professional Butter softens the skin and due to selected ingeredients perfectly prepares it for the tattooing. During stitching it acts as a lubricant and slip agent which helps to ease the working process significantly. The benefit: The accessories kit keeps free from clogging and contamination.

Prior to the tattooing process: Due to its comprehensive composition it perfectly prepares the skin before tattooing, smoothens it and makes it flexible.

During tattooing: During the tattooing process, the butter works as a lubricant and slipping agent, facilitating the tattoer's work considerably.

After receiving the tattoo: Optimised support of the fresh tattoo during the after care and assists the healing process of the skin.

To ensure an optimum healing process of the Tattoo and a long lasting effective shining it is important to avoid a crust formation on the skin. Believa Tattoo Professional Butter smoothens the dermis and reduces irritations. Due to a careful and consistent care infections or wound scab/slough can be prevented. Therefore: Please follow the instructions by the tattooist and continuously maintain the tattoo with Believa Tattoo Products to ensure a vividly colored experience BUY MORE AND SAVE MONEY!

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