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Aloe Tattoo - Stencil Premium Transfer Gel

The Stencil Premium Tranfer Gel is a high quality product, very easy to spread and pleasant on the skin. Thanks to the comfortable and hygienic pump dispenser system there is no need to shake or tip the bottle.

Made with pure juice of Aloe Vera from Barbadensis Miller organic farming.

How to use: The Stencil Gel does not need to be shaken before use. One drop is enough for an area of about 15cm x 15cm. Spread the gel on the area to be tattooed until the skin appears almost dry. Apply the stencil and wait 3 to 5 seconds before removing it. Allow 8 to 10 minutes for the product to dry properly before you start tattooing.

Thanks to its strong hold this product can also be used to apply printed Inkjet Stencil stencils.

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